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Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano

I love visiting historical sights. Anyone that has vacationed with my husband and I know that we can spend hours in a museum. We woke up this morning without a plan and ended up at Mission San Juan Capistrano and we thoroughly enjoyed our day.


It was a beautiful day and the mission was full of school children on field trips. A lady named Miss Jackie was doing a presentation on the lawn for the visiting schools all about the early Native American culture in California. My children joined right along and enjoyed it.


The grounds are absolutely stunning and so well taken care of. I could have spent hours photographing all of the different vegetation located on the mission.



Pictured above are the ruins of the Great Stone Church. The church’s construction began in 1797 and was completed in 1806. Unfortunately the church was destroyed only 6 years after it’s completion in an earthquake. But the ruins that remain are beautiful.



My children had so many questions and enjoyed the scavenger hunt booklet they were given when we entered the mission. They especially enjoyed watching the giant Koi fish in the fountain on our way out of the mission.