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A Rose is A Rose

A Rose is A Rose

Thanks to one of my lovely brides, I recently learned something new about origin of the bridal bouquet. Apparently it was to hide oder…the brides oder that is. According to this article from bustle.com the most popular month for weddings was June and that was because one was able to take their annual bath in May…and to make matters worse the women of the house got the last bath…I am happy to report that this isn’t the case this day and age and that the beautiful flowers that a bride selects for her wedding day isn’t to cover her up but to help her stand out.


This beautiful bouquet created by Heather Petrus, of Florajean Flowers, is sure to make any bride who is holding it stand out! Heather has such an eye and attention to detail. It was so fun to watch her work!





Stay tuned for a special detail that Heather created for our bride in the next post!

Flowers: Florajean Flowers 

Cross Backed Wooden Chair: Signature Party and Event 

Wedding Gowns: Margene’s Bridal